lot [5073] + [5074]

lebanonlocation:  Beirut – LEBANON

year: 2016

category: residential tower

status: under construction

area: 3000m2 [5073] – 12000m2 [5074]

Status: under construction

5073 AND 5074 are two projects facing each other separated by a 2 ways 12m width road. It’s located in the southern suburb of the Lebanese capital. The two buildings of buildable areas of 3000m2 and 120000 m2 respectively tends to break the rigidity of the surrounding through a scattered façade composition. The interesting aspect about the project is that the 2 buildings have a similar language and the 5074 façade set to e inspired by what is in front of it which is the 5073 which started to be constructed only months before . It’s a beginning of a more contemporary approach of facades in that street.

lot [5074]:


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